Latest Ebola News: Can robots end Ebola?

Researchers are looking at the ways on how robots could be sent to join the fight against Ebola, it has been reported. White House Office of Science and Technology Policy encouraged UC Berkeley engineering professor, Ken Goldberg, and researchers in three other universities and research centers to hold brainstorming sessions on ways to enlist robots in the fight against the contagious and deadly disease, CNet reported.

How would robots help end Ebola?

However, Goldberg mentioned that the capabilities are limited right now and there's a lot of research that needs to be done, so it won't completely save the day. Goldberg sees at least two ways robots may be redeployed in the next three to six months to help contain the spread of Ebola.

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  • Telepresence robots, with cameras and screens, could allow doctors to remotely communicate and get a visual read of patients, helping greatly in early diagnosis of the disease. (Read: 10 reasons that make the Ebola virus deadly for humans)
  • Robots could play a part in the Ebola fight in the long term would be by inserting IVs either for drawing blood or providing intravenous hydration. Technology could help cut down on the occurrences of patients being poked multiple times to tap a good vein.

Since it could be a couple of years before robots play an expanded role in the fight against Ebola, professor said they are looking beyond this current health crisis so they are ready for the next one. (Read: 8 Facts about Ebola you must know)

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