Kim Kardashian's butt photo shoot was to show off her post-pregnancy weight loss

Kim Kardashian is in the news again and this time for explaining exactly why she pulled the stunt that 'broke the internet'. Well according to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, she showed off her buttocks in Paper Magazine because she wanted to show off her post-pregnancy body.

While in Australia for the promotion of her new perfume line Fleu Fatale, the actress opened up about her personal life and why she did the shoot in an interview with host Richard Wikins on the Today Show. When Kim Kardashian was pregnant, she was constantly criticised for her dressing sense and the amount of weight she had put on. The actress says that she was depressed and felt bad about herself right after her pregnancy, owing to all the remarks people were making about her weight. She added that she simply couldn't wait to show off her hot body once she was back in shape and the photo shoot, helped the regain the self confidence she had lost during and after her pregnancy.

She also talked about her daughter North West and said that the one year old loves music just like her father. So much so that she lights up on hearing music and tries to dance and sing along. When asked about having another child, Kim blushed and said that they were planning their second baby.

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What is remarkable is the fact that the brunette star regained her hourglass figure within a year of having a baby and said that she thought that her body after North West is much hotter than the figure she had before, adding that she is proud to show it off.

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