Kim Jong-un drinks snake wine to boost his sex life

London, Nov 24 : Kim Jong-un has been guzzling litres of rare snake wine to perk up his love life with wife, it has been reported. The cases of the pricey plonk with the body of a deadly cobra inside the bottle were delivered at the supreme leader s palace in North Korea, the Daily Star reported. Locals believe snake wine helps men get their partners pregnant and improve the size of their manhood. The 31-year-old despot, and his wife Ri Jol-su, are said to be having problems adding to their family because of his weight. The ruler s waistline has expanded because of his love of imported French cheese and Johnnie Walker whisky.

Sources revealed that the elite in the country joke that Jong-un is now too big to please his wife and that s why they do not have any other children. (Read: 8 tips to develop more intimacy in your relationship)

Source: ANI

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