Keep your baby away from the phone, it might grow up to be dumb

Direct interactions with parents without screen time will improve the development of the baby.

In a world where screen time is becoming simply time, a new research has revealed that screen-based activities can't replace personal interactions. The article stresses the importance of direct interactions with family members for infants' development and finds no scientific evidence for benefits of iPad or DVD programs, which in fact might even cause language delays. (Read: Developmental milestones -- 4 to 5 years)

The neurons in infants' brains are busy processing input involved with sensing, seeing, and hearing, and imitating facial expressions, recognizing family members, and formulating language are all important aspects of development. External coupling of the brain to technology cannot replace these direct multisensory interactions, said author Hugo Lagercrantz. The study appears in Acta Paediatrica. (Read: Are you dealing with a slow learner?)

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