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Keep Mandela's legacy alive: South African government

Written by IANS |Published : July 2, 2013 6:32 PM IST

Johannesburg (IANS) The South African government has called on all people in the country to keep Nelson Mandela's legacy alive as the world celebrates the anti-apartheid icon's 95th birthday later this month.

July 18 was declared the Nelson Mandela International Day in 2010 by the UN in honour of Mandela's dedication to the national reconciliation and freedom, Xinhua reported.

People have been urged to do something good to uplift the standards of people, including dedicating 67 minutes to do community work to assist the society.

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'Madiba has made an indelible mark on our society, having overseen the transition from apartheid to a society built on the pillars of democracy and freedom. To celebrate the Mandela Day, South Africans need to uphold Madiba's ideal, including his unwavering commitment to justice, equality and a non-racial South Africa,' South African government spokesperson Phumla Williams said.

The Mandela Day this year will be observed under the theme 'Take Action, Inspire Change. Make Every Day a Mandela Day'.

The government urged South Africans to emulate Mandela by trying to create a better world for all.

'Let us heed to the call of President Jacob Zuma, and make it the biggest Mandela Day ever on the 18th of July, focusing on doing good all over the country,' the government spokesperson said.

'Communities across the country would participate in activities such as painting classrooms, cleaning parks, repairing water leaks among others,' Williams said.

The government spokesperson said people have a responsibility to defend democracy, promote peace and pray for Mandela.

The ailing 94-year-old former president was hospitalised on June 8 due to a recurring lung infection.

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