Katie Holmes doles out beauty tips for busy mums

With the never ending demand to be on your toes for household activities, your children or your professional life, your beauty regime is most likely to go for a toss. However, Katie Holmes gives out some tips and tricks that could work well for working or busy mums.

'If I don't have any mascara then I lick my fingers and go like that, which is kind of gross, 'Holmes was quoted by as saying.

'If I have really bad hair and I have no products, then I use baby oil a little bit. And if I have no lipstick and I do have a raspberry, then I put some of that on,' she added.

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The actress has a go-to beauty regime that includes washing her hair daily and using moisture treatments. 'I use the new Milk (product) that Alterna made,' Holmes said.

'You put that in after a shower. It has vitamin D in it so, it's good for your hair - and it really also creates that shine. If you blowdry after that it looks like a good blow-out. Like, Ooo, a home blow-out!' she added.

Home remedies for busy women

Anti-blemish facial

Take four to five table spoons of glycerin and add the juice of one lemon to it. The secret here is that the mixture should be in the proportion of 1:1, i.e.; there should be equal parts of both ingredients. Every night, take a small amount of this mixture and gently massage into your face and neck. Make sure you wash your face, and pat dry before you apply the mixture. Allow this mixture to stay on your face as long as possible. You can even sleep with it on. The best part about this pack is that it can be stored in a glass bottle for six to eight months.

This pack gives your skin a beautiful glow and prevents wrinkles and acne formation. The lemon content in it also acts as a natural bleach and can lighten your skin over time.

Precaution: The mixture can be a bit sticky and a little uncomfortable in the beginning, keep applying it and you will see the difference.

Conditioned hair sans the conditioner

The best way to skip those 10 minutes in the shower with conditioner on, is to oil your hair well the night before. Oil your hair with your regular hair oil (the best for deep conditioning is coconut oil, sesame oil and olive oil). Apply it throughly on your scalp and then on the hair shaft. To add to the moisturizing effect of the oil, you could wrap up your hair in a hot towel for a few minutes. If you don t have the time for that, cover your hair with a shower cap. Wash your hair the next morning with your regular shampoo. Remember not to over shampoo your hair and pat dry your hair.

Intense moisturising pack for soft hands

One of the best ways to see a drastic change in the way your hands look is to moisturize it well. Want supple soft hands in a jiffy? This fix is for you. Apply petroleum jelly (preferably the non flavoured kind) onto your hands. Make sure you apply an extra amount of the jelly on our nails and cuticle. Now wrap your hands in a soft muslin cloth or you could use thick socks. Leave this on while you sleep and watch your hands become as hangnail free. Wash off the excess jelly the next morning.

Intense moisturising for cracked feet

You can do this before going to bed at night. Apply foot cream on your feet and a little extra on areas that are prone to cracking. If you have severely cracked feet you can try applying bee s wax on those areas. Now take a pair of thick socks and wear them. You can sleep with this and simply wash it off the next morning. You will have soft and supple feet in a few days. To accelerate the process of healing, scrub your feet with a pumice stone the next morning while having a bath. For more such tips and easy remedies, read here.

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