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Karunanidhi admitted to hospital for throat and lung infection

He is admitted in Kauvery Hospital.

Written by Agencies |Published : December 16, 2016 10:13 AM IST

DMK President M. Karunanidhi was admitted to Kauvery Hospital again on Thursday night due to throat and lung infection, said the hospital. In a statement issued here the hospital said Karunanidhi was readmitted with breathing difficulty due to throat and lung infection. The treatment has been initiated to clear his infection. He is stable and is being treated by a team of doctors, the statement said. Karunanidhi's second spell of hospitalisation this month comes after a short interval. It was only on December 7, Karunanidhi was discharged from the hospital after being admitted on December 1 for optimisation of nutrition and hydration.Throat infections can be caused due to viruses, bacteria as well as fungi. These pathogens are present everywhere, including the air you breathe and the food you eat.

During the monsoons however, your chances of getting an infection are a lot higher. So be very careful about your personal hygiene. Wash your hands, especially before eating, with an antibacterial soap. Cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing and use tissues to maintain respiratory hygiene. Whereas, a lung disease or disorder occurs in the various structures of lungs and disrupts its functioning. It can vary from a mild common cold to life-threatening conditions like pneumonia and cancer. Lung disease can be caused by infections, inflammation, obstruction of airways, decreased lung function, problems related to pulmonary circulation, etc. Smoking, infections, air pollution, genetics, exposure to asbestos, etc. can cause various lung diseases. (Read: 6 tips to prevent a throat infection)

Source: IANS

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