Kangana Ranaut on extramarital affairs: “If you care about your family, children, image, then don’t have affairs!”

Kangana Ranaut said in a recent interview that she was threatened & was scared for her life when she took on Hrithik Roshan post their love affair years ago.

Kangana Ranaut has emerged as one of the bravest and most outspoken women in the Indian film industry. Nepotism, Khans and other male biggies in Bollywood, status quo of male and female stars, her past love affairs with Aditya Panscholi, Adhyayan Suman and Hrithik Roshan Kangana Ranaut has always believed in making her stance very clear during her interviews with the media and her open letters. In a recent interview with film journalist Rajeev Masand on CNN News18, Kangana was asked about the messy Hrithik Roshan case that had come in the limelight a few months ago.

A few months ago, a series of emails were allegedly leaked by Hrithik that appeared to show Kangana in love with the then married Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik, however, refused to acknowledge their alleged relationship. In the days following the expose, there was mud slinging with both parties filing notices against each other. Kangana said, alluding to her love affair with him, that she wanted to speak about her love affairs openly so as to ensure that these things are exposed and that she didn t want other girls to suffer.

Addressing men who indulge in extramarital affairs, Kangana said, If you are worried about your image getting suffered, about your family life, your children, why don t you stop having affairs? Just don t have affairs! (Read: Illogical reasons cheaters give to justify themselves) Her statement holds significance especially because as a society, Indians and people the world over, always have the tendency to blame the other woman in extramarital affairs without pinning the blame equally on the married men in the affair. Here are reasons why men cheat or have extramarital affairs. Kangana Ranaut also went on to speak about the dangers that women face when such extramarital affairs come to light. Of course, I was scared for my life. My sister Rangoli and I used to get a lot of threats and calls asking me to keep quiet. They told me that the people in power whom I had taken on, would put me in jail, she says.

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She also brought up the recent shocking case of a Malayalam actress who was abducted and molested allegedly at the behest of a popular star Dileep because she had complained to his wife, Manju Warrior, about his extramarital affair with another actress, Kavya Madhavan. The molestation video was then allegedly circulated by Dileep in order to malign her reputation. Girls get pregnant, get shot and killed. Look what happened to that Malayalam actress, she said.

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