Jennifer Lopez misses eating butter after going vegan

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez, who has completely ditched all animal products from her diet, said that she felt better but really missed butter. The 'On the Floor' singer told New York radio station Z100 that being vegan meant no diary, no meat, asserting that everything was plant based and from the ground, the Mirror reported. Lopez asserted that one does feel better after going vegetarian and she recommended the vegan diet as one wakes up feeling great. Here's a vegan diet plan.

Here's a sample vegan weight loss diet plan:

Dr Nandita Shah, Founder of SHARAN (Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to Animals and Nature) and a vegan, gives out a sample vegan meal plan for people who want to lose weight.

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To achieve optimal results, keep these in mind:

  • Make sure everything used is made of whole plant-based ingredients.
  • Say no to refined or processed foods.
  • Do not peel any vegetables except onions and garlic.
  • Use organic ingredients where possible.

Diet plan

Early morning Fruits whole (not juice)

Breakfast Idli-sambhar/parathas-chutney and vegetables/poha/muesli with soya milk or any breakfast which is made only from whole grains and unpeeled vegetables.

Lunch Salad, roti/rice, daal, subzi

Snacks Sprout chaat/fruit

Dinner Vegetable soup, roti/rice, daal, subzi.

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