Jennifer Aniston suffering from insomnia, fears dying young

Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she is struggling from insomnia and has a fear of dying young. She said on a show that she had a hard time sleeping, as when she wakes up in the morning she starts talking and then can't get back to sleep, a web portal reported.

She further added that she got an app on her phone that gives a sleeping rhythm, and makes her to get into a deep sleep, as she finds it difficult on her own. The American actress mentioned that she enjoyed her character of woman suffering from chronic pain in movie 'Cake' but later realized that she was a part of what she was playing. (Read: Beat insomnia with yoga)

What is insomnia? Insomnia is lack of ability to get a good night s sleep or sleep for a prolonged period of time. It is also characterized by not being able to get a refreshing or a complete sleep.

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Causes of insomnia- it can be an individual problem caused by stress, lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking too much caffeine, eating junk food or lack of physical activity. It could also be a reason of some underlying medical complication like neurological disorders.

How to treat insomnia?

Insomnia can be treated by following certain lifestyle habits like going to sleep on time, preferably between 9-11 pm as the body follows a certain clock of its own, also not drinking tea or coffee before going to bed. Drinking warm milk with nut meg before going to bed induces sleep.

Wearing light and loose cotton clothes to bed help getting a good sleep. Also ensure that the atmosphere in your bedroom is conducive to sleep and switch off all the lights while sleeping as the sleeping hormone is secreted only in the dark

If your insomnia is chronic a doctor should be consulted as he may prescribe certain sleeping pills like zolpidem and remelteon but taking these for long has many side effects and depending on them should be avoided. (Read: How to beat insomnia?)

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