Jacqueline Fernandez shares her 'happy hair day' selfie for a cause on Instagram

Having a good hair day is also a reason to celebrate and Jacqueline Fernandez did just that by posting a picture of her lovely locks on Instagram. Though the selfie was for a good cause, she couldn't help but tell her fans that she's having a 'happy hair day'.

Here's what her Instragram caption read: 'Selfies for a cause all thanks to @supremeuniversal 10 selfies sponsor 1 child's education! #eduselfie #celebratelife #happyhairday.'

We may think that actresses have it all figured out and can never have a bad hair day like we do. They do have a stylist to help them fix their hair woes but the harsh lighting, multiple hair products and weather changes can play havoc with their hair too. It is therefore essential to follow a good haircare regimen to protect your mane.

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Jacqueline loves her hair and uses a hair pack made of egg white and a beer rinse to add shine to it. She also uses a leave-in conditioner when travelling and ties it up in a bun to prevent any damage. If you too want to manage your hair well, here are DIY tips.

Image source: jacquelinejf2/Instagram

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