Italy’s COVID-19 Tally Rises Again, China Enforces Lockdowns, India Sees More Deaths

Covid-19 Tally Rises Again

Italy logged over 27,000 new infections on Thursday, Zero Covid policies in China's Xinjiang amidst increase in daily COVID-19 infection rates.

Italy is one of the many countries witnessing resurge of COVID-19 infections. The European country's COVID positivity rate went up to 16.3 per cent over the last week. Italy recorded more than 27,000 new infections on Thursday and over 36,000 cases the pre4vious day, according to its Health Ministry data. The number of deaths due to the disease is also increasing, with 147 cases reported on Thursday and 128 on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, China has implemented Zero Covid policies in Xinjiang following a sharp increase in daily COVID count. Strict exit-entry controls have been imposed in high-risk districts. According to media reports, people there are also being given a new Chinese medicine called 'A Ci Fu' to fight the coronavirus, although the efficacy of the medicine remains unknown.


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