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Is your iPad giving you a rash?

Written by Nirmalya Dutta |Updated : October 7, 2014 5:58 PM IST

skin rashTurns out your the iPad contains nickel which is one of the most common allergy-inducing metals out there. According to Pediatrics, various people are picking up allergies from a variety of personal electronic products. While nickel-induced rashes aren't life-threatening, they can be very uncomfortable which may require treatment with steroids and antibiotics according to Dr Sharon Jacobs of Rady Children's hospital. Doctors tested the device and detected a chemical compound found in nickel in the iPad's outside coating.

Apple spokesman Chris Gaither said the company had no comment. Nickel rashes have also been traced to other common products like jewellery, eyeglass frames and zippers. It's believed that nickel allergies are becoming more common and national data in the US shows that 25% children who get skin tests have nickel allergies compared to 17% a decade ago.

Know what causes skin rashes

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A skin rash usually develops when the immune system generates a response against a foreign body, be it an infectious agent or a chemical. Here are a few common causes of skin rashes:

  • An allergic reaction to external agents like metals (in jewelry), cosmetics, chemicals or pollutants present in the environment can cause a skin rash. Such condition is called as contact dermatitis.
  • Drugs can cause skin rashes as a side-effect. The rash starts with small red spots which gradually spread over a large area. (Read: Knowing about drug allergies could save your life!)
  • Ingestion of certain foods can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Fungal, bacterial or viral infections
  • Mosquito or insect bites
  • Excessive sweating or sunburn (Read: Could you be allergic to your food?)

Most of the times, skin rashes are not dangerous. They subside on their own, unless aggravated further. But rashes that do not calm over a long time or are caused due to an infection need to be treated immediately.

Tips for treating a skin rash

  • If the rash develops suddenly, calm it down with water and mild soap. Don't cover it or scratch the affected area.
  • Apply some ice if the rash starts swelling. Don't expose it rash to direct sunlight. It may turn worse.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes at nights. Prefer fabric that doesn't cause itching.
  • Until the rash goes away, use mild soap for bathing. Don't use perfumes or deodorants on the affected area.
  • Apply some moisturizer or calamine lotion on the rash if it is caused by an external allergic reaction.
  • Natural coolants like cucumber and aloe vera can also be used on the affected area.
  • Dab some chamomile oil on the rash for a soothing effect.

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