Is Sunny Leone overworked?

This morning saw a flurry of tweets from our very own Bollywood stars. While Priyanka Chopra talked about how she was going to tuck in to some hot soup to treat her cold, Sunny Leone tweeted about how tired she felt this morning.

The stunning actor said, 'Crazy busy morning and it's only the start of the day!! Costume Trials finished and now off to dance rehearsals. Why am I so tired today :( '. We wonder if the actress is overworked and just needs some rest.

Shoots for various films, costume trials, sitting through hours of make-up and still managing to look stunning can take a toll on one's health. Apart from that, the stress of having to look good all the time can take a toll too. In an Instagram post yesterday Sunny Leone told her fans about how hard her husband makes her workout with a picture of weight lined up, waiting for her to start her day's workout regime.

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Sunny leone overworked

Apart from Sunny Leone, there have been a number of reports of other stars falling ill due to the hectic lifestyles. In the recent past Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt fainted on their sets and Yo Yo Honey Singh was also reported to be ill and unable to work because of stressPriyanka Chopra.

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