Is Pinki Pramanik male or female? We're going to find out today

Pinki-PramanikPinki Pramanik's gender determination test conducted at the SSKM hospital will be submitted to the Barasat court today. "The chairman of the medical board will submit the report to the court," said Tamal Ghosh, medical superintendent and vice-principal at SSKM Hospital. The former athlete and Asian Games gold medallist was arrested on June 14 after her live-in partner, alleged that she is male and raped her. She had undergone a gender test at Barasat district hospital earlier but since it didn't have the right infrastructure, the court ordered SSKM hospital in Kolkata to conduct the test.

Therefore, Pinki was brought to SSKM on Monday where an 11-member medical board conducted the test. However, the clinical tests proved inconclusive and her blood samples were taken for chromosomal analysis.

Though SSKM had the facilities for karyotyping (chromosomal analysis) it's only meant for research. The medical board will seek the court's permission to send the sample to some other institute in the city. "While seeking the court's approval to send the samples elsewhere for testing, we have submitted the names of some institutes, including a few in Kolkata, where it can be done," added Ghosh.

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The suggestion of sending the samples to some other city has not been seen well by experts since Kolkata has a central forensic laboratory with DNA-typing facilities. "The CFSL has facilities for DNA typing that is more complex that karyotyping. So where is the need to send the blood samples to another city?" wondered a forensic medical expert.

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