Is Mumbai under the threat of an E Coli outbreak?

We all love to gorge on Mumbai street food from pani puri to pav bhaji, missal pav, vada pav, samosa and what not. The irony is we also know that they aren t prepared in a hygienic manner. But we are over-confident about our immune system that had been feed pest for years through big brand and local street foods vendors, alike. And this confidence only breaks when a bout of diarrhoea makes us bedridden or worst leads to a hospitalization. Here are 10 monsoon mistakes that you should avoid.

This monsoon there is reason you give eating out from street vendors a miss. A week back BMC started a massive drive against street food vendor s finding the deadly E Coli bacteria in the roadside snack samples. Off the 600 food samples collected from the city and suburbs tested at the Dadar food testing lab 200 of them had the Escherichia coli bacteria in them. The sample were mainly from south Mumbai - Churchgate, CST, Marine Lines, Fort, Byculla, etc. On further investigations, the BMC health officers found out that these hawkers were using well water to prepare their food and didn t follow proper hygiene practices and most of them didn't have a proper license and were operating illegally. However, this is the first time BMC started to collect food samples from vendors in the interest of public health. Here are seven expert tips to beat monsoon diseases.

Demolition of these food stalls was also initiated, but the stall owners approached the High Court, which has granted a stay on the condition that the owners keep two separate containers for drinking and cleaning utensils. However, the BMC has made it a point to collect food samples at regular intervals to keep a tab on the situation. Most of the samples tested were of popular roadside snacks such as pani puri and pav bhaji, and liquids such as lassi, juices, and curries. Here are six tips to banish toe fungi and smelly feet this monsoons.

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The E Coli bacteria spread through contamination of water and can cause severe urinary tract infection, kidney failure and bloody diarrhoea, and can lead to death. Be safe this monsoon.

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