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Is face more important than body for women?

Written by Agencies |Published : October 21, 2014 10:05 AM IST

Changes in skin are visible signs of ageing. A new research shows that many women feel they have focussed more on the face than the entire body.

The research, conducted by Astral Original, has highlighted that many women feel they have focussed too little on their body and only used creams on their face, reports

The study shows that a quarter of women believed that their body was ageing faster than it should have, as they had neglected caring for it.

The top three body areas claimed to be showing the worst signs of ageing were the hands, face and neck.

About one in 10 women overall said they were unhappy with their skin and one in three said they only sometimes feel their skin looks and feels good.

Women blame the poor appearance of their skin on dehydration as they drink too little water, insufficient use of moisturiser, smoking and an unhealthy diet.

Source: IANS

Image source: Getty Images

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