International Albinism Awareness Day 2018: Myths and treatment options

On this international albinism awareness day, we look at important problems associated with albinism.

Albinism has a lot of myths associated with it and there's a lot of unawareness about it. There's no doubt that albinism is a misunderstood disease. 'Albinism is a congenital disorder and results in a partial or complete lack of pigment, affecting the person's skin, eyes, and hair. People with albinism usually have light colour skin, hair and impaired vision. However, the skin and hair colour of each individual with albinism varies, depending upon the amount of pigment present,' said Dr Kiran Godse, Consultant Dermatologist, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi. We ask Dr Godse to elaborate on the commonly believed myths about albinism. Read: 9 important facts about albinism


#1: Albinism is a curse from the gods or from dead ancestors.

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Truth: Albinism is a genetic condition that results in a lack or total absence of pigmentation in the body. It is purely an Autosomal-Recessive Genetic condition.

#2: Being in contact with a person with albinism will bring bad luck, sickness or bad omen

Truth: It is a genetic disease.

With changing times and better treatment options, we can look at more easily available options. Here are few treatment options:

  • Sunglasses to protect the eyes from the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun
  • Protective clothing and sunscreen to protect the skin
  • Prescription eyeglasses to correct vision problems
  • Surgery on the muscles of the eyes to correct abnormal eye movements

Remember: There is no cure for Albinism. Treatment is aimed to ease the symptoms and it depends on the extent of the disorder.

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