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Diabetes: 5 easy tips by Rujuta Diwekar to regulate blood sugar

Weight training + other things you must do to control your high blood sugar © Shutterstock

Did you know that not just diet, even exercise has a huge impact on your insulin resistance? The celeb nutritionist shares important tips for diabetics.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : September 25, 2018 11:26 AM IST

When you have type 2 diabetes, you are put on a number of medications for insulin resistance. But, as nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar says in her social media post, you can make a few tweaks in your daily life to control your high blood sugar.

1. Start your day with a fresh, seasonal fruit or banana or soaked and peeled badam

The worst thing you can do is to go hungry post a night of fasting or kick start it with a cup of chai/ coffee. Instead, allow your body its best chance to stabilise its blood sugars for the day by starting with a fresh fruit or a handful of nuts.

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2. Eat lunch between 11 am -1 pm and finish it with chaas or buttermilk

If you have been taking diabetes medicines for too long, it s bound to take a toll on your digestion and leave you either with constipation or IBS. A glass of homemade chaas made from home-set, full-fat curd will not just help your digestion but also allow you to optimise Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D assimilation and kill the sugar craving post lunch.

3. Include a handful of peanuts as a snack for mid-afternoon or mid-evening

A rich source of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, a handful of peanuts can help protect the heart, joints and leave you satiated for hours together. Ditch those fibre biscuits.

4. When you have chai, 1tsp of sugar is fine but don t add sweeteners or stevia

Diabetes is often reduced to a high blood sugar problem but the real danger is that of the cells starving and the complications of heart, kidney, neuromuscular issues that may arise out of that. A tsp of sugar is a safer bet than artificial sweeteners or even stevia as these often lead to higher circulating levels of insulin which further increases your insulin resistance. So, maximum 2-3 cups of chai or coffee in a day and use cane sugar and full-fat milk.

5. Weight train at least 2 times a week

Loss of muscular strength is one of the drivers of insulin resistance. Strength training done in the gym with weights or even at home with bands can help reverse the insulin resistance. So get your dose of exercise, it will help cut back on the drug doses dramatically. Medical advice is notoriously slow to catch up with latest in exercise science, but know that if your doctor is allowing you to walk, you are good to gym too.

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