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Indians at higher risk of having kidney disease: Watch out for these signs and symptoms

Kidneys act as filters for the blood © Shutterstock

Kidney disease is a silent killer. What makes it more dangerous is that it usually gets diagnosed at an extremely late stage.

Written by Longjam Dineshwori |Updated : March 2, 2020 11:13 AM IST

People living in countries with higher levels of air pollution such as India and China are at higher risks of developing kidney diseases, according to a new study.

Kidneys act as filters for the blood. Exposure to higher amounts of fine particulate matter was associated with a higher degree of albuminuria -- a marker of kidney dysfunction -- as well as a higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease over time.

Fine particulate matter comes from a variety of sources including fossil fuel combustion, industrial processes, and natural sources, they said.

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The researchers from the Johns Hopkins University in the US published their findings in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Kidney disease is a silent killer. What makes it more dangerous is that it usually gets diagnosed at an extremely late stage. In some cases, the symptoms might not appear until the condition becomes critical. Here are some signs and symptoms of kidney disease you need to be aware of -

Increase or decrease in amount of urine you pass

If you notice a change in the amount and frequency of the urine you pass, you may be at risk of developing kidney disease. This is the first symptom of kidney disease. Other changes in your urinary function may include

  • Your urine colour may be darker than usual
  • Feeling the urge to urinate but unable to do so
  • Frequent urination at night

Difficulty or pain while urinating

Difficulty or pain while emptying the bladder may be due to a urinary tract infection. If the infection spreads to your kidneys, it might cause fever and back pain too.

Blood in the urine

When you spot blood in the urine, visit a doctor immediately. This is a symptom of kidney disease and you should not take it lightly.

Swelling or oedema

Swelling of the feet, ankles, puffiness of the face and tightness of the hands these may happen when the kidneys are unable to get rid of excess water and salts from the body.

Extreme fatigue, anaemia

Erythropoietin, a hormone produced by your kidneys, helps red blood cells carry oxygen. If your kidneys are not functioning well, the levels of this hormone drop drastically. This causes anaemia which also leads to symptoms like generalised weakness and extreme fatigue.

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