Indian physician reveals her experience of serving Ebola victims in Liberia

Kalyani Gomathinayagam, an Indian physician from Tamil Nadu, who was a part of Doctors Without Borders organisation that serves Ebola victims in West Africa countries has returned from Liberia after serving the victims there for six weeks.

While she was at Delhi, she shared her experience caring for Ebola victims. She mentioned that working for a medical emergency like Ebola was so far the most challenging task she had accepted. In an interview published in LiveMint, she mentioned that the impact of the outbreak and its magnitude cannot be understood unless witnessed. She said that the outbreak in unprecedented in several ways as it limits the scope of doctors, nurses and caregivers to treat the patient. (Read: Ebola facts frequently asked questions (FAQ))

In her fourth week at Liberia's Ebola camp, Gomathinayagam held a six-year-old boy, who was identified at high-risk of transmission, in her arms. She carried him so that the boy's father could get a last glimpse of his son before he succumbed to the disease. 'I know he wanted so much to spend more time with the boy at that point I just took him away,' said Gomathinayagam expressing the guilt of separating father and son that she still holds in her heart. (Read: Ebola virus causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention)

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'The most difficult part was to administer treatment to patients without any physical contact with them. I had to figure out how to administer IV fluid to the patients with limited access to them as we had to communicate to them across a perimeter fencing,' she explained when asked about challenges she faced working there. Although the patients could only see the caregivers' eyes and hear their voices, I was overwhelmed when a patient asked me why didn't I turn up when I skipped a visit in the morning, she said unveiling that it was the most heartening feeling that she had ever experienced in her life. (Read:10 reasons that make the Ebola virus deadly for humans)

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