Indian consumers aware about ingredients used in beauty products, can't be fooled, say experts

The cosmetic industry is going strong with natural ingredients, say experts.

Indian consumers are aware and updated about the ingredients used in beauty products and they can't be fooled with wrong information, says Sweden-based global skin care expert Allison Toledano. "Natural ingredients are in trend," Toledano told IANS here.

"The more transparent we will be about natural ingredients, the better it will be. Now consumers' knowledge is high and they need the right information. It is very easy to go on the Internet and Google, so they will know and you need to be transparent and very sharp while selling the products," added Toledano, the Global Brand Manager of brand Oriflame.

With a 50-year heritage of taking inspiration from Swedish nature, Oriflame has now come up with Optimals, which has botanical ingredients from Sweden. The products in this range contain concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils.

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Naveen Anand, Senior Director - Regional Marketing - South Asia, Oriflame, said: "Fifty years of being in the skin care industry has taught us that following an uncomplicated beauty routine is the best foundation for naturally beautiful skin. With the Optimals brand and its new product assortments, we have brought the latest and the best in skincare to make healthy and radiant skin achievable by our customers."

Source: IANS

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