India ranks 71st among 96 countries for social & economic well being of oldies

India is ranked among the world's worst place to grow old, as per the latest Global AgeWatch Index from HelpAge International and the University of Southampton. Switzerland is the best place in the world to live for those aged 60 and over, while India, where 116.6 million people over 60 are living, ranks a dismal 71st among 96 countries when it comes to social and economic wellbeing of older people. (Read: Revealed Secret to healthy ageing!)

The report found that Switzerland is the best place to live for those aged 60 and over, followed by Norway and Sweden. Germany was the fourth best place for older people to live, Canada stood at fifth, followed by Netherlands, Iceland, Japan, US, UK and Denmark. Afghanistan (96) is ranked last. (Read: A 11-step expert guide to be fit at 60

Source: ANI

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