Independence Day 2017: We did the #70For70 plank challenge, here's how you can win exciting prizes! (Watch video)

Click to know the health benefits planking!

Hello, fitness freaks! If you had noted we had announced a few days back that we will be doing a 70 seconds plank challenge on account of celebrating Independence Day. So the challenge is over, YES! we did it. It fared well, and almost all 7 of us were able to complete the challenge (Almost! See it for yourself). Here's the live video of us completing the challenge:

We did the elbow plank for 70 seconds. Like you can see in the video we introduced ourselves and directly went ahead with the challenge. Now, some good news, you too can participate and win exciting prizes! What you'll have to do is share this video with the #70For70 and tag seven friends of yours on Facebook. Also, if you can plank for 70 seconds or more, you can share with us your video with the stopwatch, and we will feature it on our Facebook page. Check us out in our video too:

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However, apart from the contest, you should also be aware of the immense health benefits of Planking:

Planking is a core strengthing exercise and stresses on multiple muscle groups at the same time:

It will give you a toned belly as planking helps build your core muscles. Planking also reduces back pain and makes you flexible.

It is an ideal way of lifting up your mood instantly as it stretches and relaxes muscle groups that become stiff.

Planks will also improve your posture and balancing skills and make your abs firmer.

Let us know if you want to see us doing any other type of challenges.

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