IMA to take Maha govt to court over non-MBBS decision

IMA-logoWe could've predicted this happening. Unhappy with the government's announcement to allow other practitioners to legally prescribe allopathic drugs in Maharashtra, the Indian Medical Association(IMA) is planning to move court.

On Friday the Maharasthra government had announced that ayurveda, homeopathy and unani practitioners would soon be able to legally prescribe allopathic medicines in Maharashtra provided they completed a one-year course in pharmacology. The government also plans to allow them to practice allopathy after passing a one year course.

The allopathic doctors are unhappy with this decision. IMA state secretary Jayesh Lele said it takes an MBBS doctor five years to learn pharmacology. "Three years are given only to practise it. How can one learn pharmacology from a text-book in one year and be allowed to prescribe allopathic medicines?" he asked, adding it will be like playing with the patient's life.

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Homeopathic, ayurvedic and unani doctors had gone on a day's strike earlier this week. Dr Bahubali Shah, president of Homeopathic association, Maharashtra, said that during an emergency, it becomes difficult for general practitioners or rural doctors to prescribe emergency medicines. "For some emergency problems like fever, vomiting, or dehydration, allopathic drugs work faster. It becomes a problem if non-allopathic doctors cannot prescribe them even in times of emergency," he said.

In recent times the IMA has been at loggerheads with the government over the NCHRH bill and the three year compulsory rural course among other issues.

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