IISc develops world's first painless, needle-less vaccine system!

Yesterday, HRD minister of state Shashi Tharoor told the Rajya Sabha that the Indian Institute of Science has made a remarkable breakthrough in delivering medication by successfully designing and testing a needleless vaccine delivery system.

Tharoor said the new method had been developed by IISc by the laboratory for hypersonic and shock wave, the aerospace engineering department and microbiology and cell biology department and it's the first such delivery system in the world. The new system apparently managed to successfully deliver mice with a typhoid vaccine. The method utilises the instantaneous mechanical impulse generate by micro-blast waves to achieve subcutaneous delivery of vaccine into mice. The micro-blast wave is generated inside a small disposable plastic tube (3mm in diameter) using very less chemical energy.

If this vaccine delivery system proves successful in the long run because of the various cons associated with needles such as:

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  • A lot of children are afraid of injections and the pain it causes
  • An injection if applied incorrectly can cause problems ranging from muscle damage to instant death if an air bubble is released in the bloodstream
  • There's also the risk of transmission of diseases like HIV/AIDS from unsterilized needles

Tharoor added the method is painless because the depth of penetration below the skin is very less and the method will also require less quantity of vaccines. It's also painless, cheap, disposable, safe and economical and has the potential to revolutionise vaccine delivery.

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