10 steps to weight loss

Reducing weight is a problem all of us face at least once in our lifetimes. Here's a guide on to reduce weight and maintain it in a healthy way.

Weight loss is an issue everyone has battled with at least once in their lives. With help available from every person on the earth it gets intimidating. From your neighbor telling you to get some exercise or your friends asking you to eat right, everyone has an opinion about your weight. All these things are not only discouraging but make you doubt your every little bit of success in losing those inches.

Here are some basic steps to help you reduce weight:

  1. Exercise. Yes, it is the fundamental law of losing weight. You have to exercise. No weight loss pills, no sauna belts, no vibrating belts are going to work out for you. Losing the weight which has piled on over the years is going to need more time than you can think of. You can opt for a variety of exercises from joining a gym or taking yoga classes. Brisk walking for 45 minutes has been proved to be an effective weight loss measure. You may like to read about the 5 best strength training exercises for weight loss.
  2. Enjoy your Workout! Joining a gym is very convenient while losing weight as you will have a wide range of instruments to your aid. Gymnasiums provide a conducive atmosphere to work out which helps you stay motivated. Gyms nowadays have a wide range of activities like a dance workout or a Zumba workout which are fun and equally helpful for weight loss.
  3. Activities like swimming are also beneficial as they put zero stress on your body. Water tends to neutralize gravity and hence reduces the wear and tear of your joints. The chances of injury are negligible while you swim. Your muscles get toned to perfection and it serves as an excellent cardio vascular workout as your heart and lungs work in sync to provide the oxygen required for the activity. You may also like to know other health benefits of swimming.
  4. Diet. The term diet is a highly misunderstood term. Diet means eating the right kind of food at the right time and in the right quantity. It does not necessarily mean that he/she is eating less or starving. Following a right diet which takes care of your nutritional requirements is the key to a healthy weight loss. Fruits are an important part of any diet plan especially weight loss. Here are 7 fruits you should include for healthy weight loss.
  5. Do not skip meals. Mind you do not skip meals and don t even bother to skip your breakfast. Skipping breakfast is cardinal sin of weight loss. Breakfast means breaking your 8 hour long fast after you wake up. Your body is starved during your sleep and you need to replenish all the nutrients to give your metabolic activity a kick start. The longer your stomach is empty the more gases will build up inside it causing bloating. Here are a few healthy Indian breakfast ideas which will help you with weight loss.
  6. Resting your muscles. It is important that you take a break from your rigorous workout. Your muscles need to recover from all the wear and tear they undergo during the week. Depending upon the intensity of your work out you can decide the number of days to take off between workouts. Ideally a day between a six day workout is necessary for the body to recuperate.
  7. A healthy lifestyle. the benefits of following a healthy lifestyle can never be undermined. Eating right, avoiding junk food, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep are a few things one should prioritise while trying to lose weight. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol should also be limited as avoiding these, is a step forward towards a healthier lifestyle.
  8. Get professional help. Be it diet, be it exercise, it is better to get some professional advice before starting out. Always consult a dietician for a proper diet, which will take care of all your nutritional requirements. Also when it comes to exercising in a gym, using the instruments properly and the right weights is very important. A professional trainer will decide the type of instruments you should use and chalk out a work out plan for you. You may like to follow this weight loss diet by our expert dietitian.
  9. Motivation. We all need that little push to start working out. You don t need to find motivation anywhere else but within you. Look at yourself in the mirror and think if you want to be unfit or unhealthy when you age. You certainly do not. If you started putting on weight now and were more fit earlier, stick that picture on a wall and look at it when you need to stay focused on your weight loss goal. You can also get motivated by reading weight loss stories. Who better than our Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha? Read about her weight loss story.
  10. Maintaining your weight. Many of us after achieving our weight loss goals, stop exercising and discontinue all our healthy habits that we inculcate during this weight loss journey. If you go back to your unhealthy lifestyle and give up on exercising, you are bound to go back to where you were before. The way to maintain your weight loss is to follow everything you did to lose weight.

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