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How to get Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’ looks

Written by Payal Balse |Updated : August 18, 2014 6:23 PM IST

Shah Rukh Khan in Happy New YearThe trailer of 'Happy New Year' is finally out and SRK fans have more than one reason to rejoice. Apart from entertaining, Shah Rukh Khan is seen sporting various different looks in the movie. If you too wish to get the same look as your favourite star, you are in for a treat. Payal Balse, a fashion make-up artist and hairstylist, decodes SRK's four best looks from the trailer and gives tips on how you can get them.

Blonde streak look

SRK blonde streak in Happy New YearWhile men too got into highlighting their hair a few years ago, in this film Shah Rukh sports a blonde streak on the side of his hair rather than on his spikes. If you too wish to do the same, here's what you should keep in mind. Firstly, do not do this yourself. Get it done from a professional.

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Make sure your hair is substantially long and textured. Really short or flat hair will not be able to support the spunk this look demands.

Choose a shade of blonde that goes well with your natural skin tone. Someone on the fairer side can afford to go for a lighter shade, whereas someone who is wheatish to dark can sport a copper or darker shade of blonde.

Make sure the streak is even and not a big blotch of bleached hair.

Bearded look

SRK beard look in Happy New YearAnother hot look SRK was seen sporting is a beard. Any man can sport a beard provided that the hair growth on the face is even and you have the patience to groom it regularly.

Here's what you need to remember:

Men with a broader jaw line can sport a light stubble and needn't grow the hair too much, or else it'll look shabby, and nothing close to how SRK looks in HNY.

Men with a slimmer jaw or short chin can grow the beard a little more than a stubble, but will have to maintain it and groom it regularly.

Men with curly hair should avoid attempting this style, whereas men with straight to wavy hair can grow their hair out a little, make a side parting and sport this look with ease.

Make sure you use good hair products a light herbal/organic hair cream for the hair and strong wax for the beard and moustache.

Complete blonde hair look

SRK blonde in Happy New YearAnother look SRK sports in the movie is the blonde wig and pale make-up. Only King Khan can get away with doing something so radical. This is not advisable for your daily life, but if you find yourself invited to a Bollywood theme party, this look is probably the easiest to achieve.

Use a cream base foundation in the same colour as your skin tone to create the illusion of lighter skin.

Go shopping for light blue lenses. Make sure they are a good brand.

As for the wig, make sure you find one that's the right size for your head. Place in the most desirable position that makes your face shape appealing. Then secure the wig with U-pins to keep it in place.

Clean-shaven look

SRK clean-shaven look in Happy New YearThis look is easy to follow but a few style tips can make a difference to the final output. Shar Rukh Khan carries this off with much lan.

This look can be sported by people with hair that is a little thick in texture. The hair is longer towards the crown and shorter at the ends. People who have a strong and long neck will sport this look well.

Use a nice hair wax to create texture in the hair and then freeze the style with some hair spray.

Face should be clean-shaven at all times. Don't grow out those side burns either.

Don't forget some aftershave to finish off the look.

Image Source: YouTube/YRF

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