How to get a Hollywood body like Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett JohanssonAchieving a perfect body a la celebrities is not difficult if one follows the right workout regime and eating habits, says fitness trainer Ramona Braganza who has worked with celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes and Anne Hathaway, says one should follow five tips to get a perfect body.

Pre-workout fuel: Are you fuelling up adequately with pre and post workout meals? If not you may be sabotaging your workouts. Eating the right foods at the right times will make a difference in the way you gain muscle tissue. Make sure you have a snack pre-workout such as steel cut oats, eggs and toast, or if on the go, a handful of almonds or a protein shake.

Healthy eating: Giving your body what it needs includes restoring a natural balance. Training hard produces stress, which in turn, creates free radicals which attack healthy tissue in the body. To help your body fight these free radicals, ensure you have a healthy intake of fruit and vegetables each day such as broccoli, berries and cherries.

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No excuses: If you suddenly find yourself away from a gym then don't skip a workout just because you don't have any equipment. Try combinations that include single-legged squats, single arm push-ups, walking squats and sit-ups. A full body workout can get you the sweat you need in 10 minutes.

Lift enough heavy weights: I often see ladies in the gym not lifting enough weight. They are afraid of bulking up, but if not enough weight is lifted then not enough stress is put on the muscle to make a change. Women don't need to worry about bulking up; hormonally women don't have enough testosterone to look like men. Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale all lift weights and none look bulky but instead are enviably toned.

Hydrate before, during and after workout: Dehydration can impair your physical and mental performance in all types of sports and exercise. Being as little as 2 per cent dehydrated can reduce your performance by 10-20 per cent. To achieve best results in a workout, drink a glass of water before and sip some during.

These tips will definitely help you in your daily life but if you are wondering how Ramona trains these celebs to have such enviable bodies, here's the dope from the horse's mouth.

How to get a butt like Scarlett Johansson's

To target her glute muscles, Scarlett knows it's about including plyometric jumps. Ballet dancers have great legs and butts and they often jump and twirl so it makes sense to include them in the workout. Begin with a straight jump in the air reaching your hands for a spot against the wall. Do this 10 times for three sets with a break of 20 seconds after each set.

How to get legs like Eva Mendes'

To tone and shape Eva's legs but not bulk them up, Ramona focuses on doing walking lunges without weights but performing more reps. Work your way up to doing 30 lunges in a row and do at least 2 sets to get legs like hers.

How to get abs like Jessica Alba's

Ramona advises Jessica to do crunches on a stability ball to tone and define her abs. 'Jess knows this move targets not only the six-pack muscle (the rectus abdominus) but also the transverse muscle (the one that cinches in the waist) as she has to balance while crunching on the ball,' says Ramona. She performs 30 reps at once. Read more on How to get that Hollywood body

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