Hormone therapies put transgender women at a greater risk of heart related disorders, says study

Heart related disorders are more common among transgender women as they are at a higher risk due to the hormone therapies they undergo, reveals a recent study.

Transgender individuals, especially women are at a greater risk for heart disease, found a recent study conducted by George Washington University. The experts are blaming masculinisation or feminisation procedures that transgenders undergo to be the risk factors of developing several heart related disorders like myocardial infarction, stroke and venous thromboembolism. These procedures also affect their blood pressure and lipid concentration. The study, published in the Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders journal, has revealed that transgender women may develop cardiovascular issues due to the hormone therapies they take. In fact, the estrogen therapy increases the possibility of blood clots or deep venous thrombosis among transgender women.

According to a recent report by ANI, Michael S Irwig, one of the researchers from George Washington University, said: "In clinical studies that followed transgender patients, rates for myocardial infarction were consistently higher in transgender women on estrogen therapy than in transgender men on testosterone."

"The relationship between endogenous sex hormones and heart disease is complex. In cisgender women, estrogen may have a protective effect," he added.

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According to the researchers, more studies are required on the harmful impacts of hormone therapy on the senior transgenders and on estrogen therapies which are most secure for them.

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