Holi 2015: 6 ways to nourish skin and hair post Holi

Holi is here and you got to be all set for those crazy, vibrant colours! As much as you need to gear up and shield you hair and skin before you set out to play, you need to know some easy remedies and tips to help clean-up and relieve your hair and skin from harmful pigments and chemicals. Here is how you can ensure just that:

Use a moisturising cleanser

Quickly rub some moisturising cleanser to get rid of the chemical based colour. Wipe off as much of the colour gently before going in for a shower. Doing this spares your skin from any aggressive washing and makes the colour-removal much easier.

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Wash with a cream based bath wash

Your skin definitely needs to be treated sensitively post the Holi fun. This means, it's better to lather a liquid bath gel than apply the soap with a rough loofah. You'd rather wash your skin a few more times, than scrub aggressively and injure your skin s surface, all at once. Use this honey and green tea face pack to soothe sensitive skin.

Apply a paste with gram flour, lemon and milk

For a soothing and effective remedy for those extremely stubborn colours, make a paste of gram flour, lemon and milk and apply this all over your face, neck and hands, as advised by Chiranjiv Chhabra, founder, Skin Alive Clinics. Once this paste turns dry, massage the dried paste gently and rinse. This acts like a great skin moisturiser and washes out the colour as well.

Avoid bleaching and waxing

Chiranjiv suggests that it s best to avoid bleaching and waxing for a week before and post Holi. These hair removal procedures leave the skin pores open which may prove harmful as there are high chances of the residue of colours to seep into these pores and inner layers of the skin.

Deep cleanse and condition hair

Wash your hair immediately with a moisturising shampoo, and deep conditioner. Once you are done with the basic washing, take 3 tbsp of vinegar with 1 tbsp of any preferred hair oil and massage your scalp and hair thoroughly. Then, wash with a mild or organic shampoo. You can also use these egg hair packs to nourish your hair.

Keep away from make-up

With all the harsh colours on your skin during Holi, it's only wise to give your skin a breather where as applying any make-up is concerned. Your skin is bound to breakout into blemishes due to the consistent exposure to chemical ingredients and make-up. Here is why you should give make-up a miss sometimes.

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