High blood pressure grips young Indians, most unaware they have it

According to a survey conducted by Cardiological Society of India (CSI), more than 60% of Indians have hypertension out of which 25% are between 31-45 years of age. The survey was conducted across 24 states in the country on over a lakh of people. Though the data tabulated till now is on 75,000 people. Here are some more findings.

13% of people having high blood pressure are between 18-30 age group. Out of all the people detected with hypertension, about two thirds of them are clueless that they suffer from it. During the survey the normal reading was set at 140/90 and anything above that was counted as high blood pressure.

This data paints a sorry picture of the country's youth's health and can pose a risk of cardiovascular disease in the near future. It is imperative that preventive measures like healthy lifestyle changes are implemented to curb this. Many think medication is the only way out but doctors themselves recommend following a healthy diet and exercising to reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Even if you have it, it can be controlled with these changes.

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It is high time even policy makers wake up to the alarming number of people suffering from it and take measures to bring the numbers down. A few days ahead of World Heart Day, this shocking data should be taken seriously by both the government and the masses and take necessary steps to make India a healthier nation.

Stroke, kidney failure, heart attack, blindness are some of the dangers of hypertension or high blood pressure. In order to prevent these, lifestyle changes have to be made at the earliest.

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