Here's a weight loss drug that might actually help you lose weight

Japanese scientists have identified the gene that may prevent obesity.

What if there was a slimming pill to help you shed those extra kilos? With the discovery of two genes that make people fat, a team of scientists is a step closer. Scientists at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have analyzed the causes of obesity at the genetic level and have discovered one of the molecular mechanisms involved in storing and burning fat. Read: 13 weight loss Yoga poses that work!

The OIST team discovered that mice lacking 2 genes, Cnot7 and Tob, remain lean even after eating a high-fat diet. Scientists examined the fat tissue of these mice and found that the secret of their slender waistlines lies in the increased expression of another gene called Ucp1. Ucp1 helps to reduce fat deposits by converting fat stored in fat cells into heat. It is well known that obese people and obese mice have low concentrations of Ucp1 in their fat cells, so they are prone to store fat rather than burn it off. Read: Best fat burning bodyweight exercises for weight loss

We wish to inhibit the pathway that suppresses the conversion of fat into heat. Being able to enhance fat burning could have clinical applications, such as the production of anti-obesity drugs, explains researcher Takahashi Akinori.The study is published in Cell Reports. Source: ANI Image source: Getty Images

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