Here are ways you can boost your child's memory this exam season

Click to know an expert recommended Exam diet that includes foods to boost your brain power.

Exam season is here, time for your child memorise and understand a lot of things. We have seen that many kids have difficulty in memorising a too many information at a time and this leads to low grades at school. Many parents scare their kids or use corporal punishments to make the kids memories or 'learn' whatever is there in the textbooks which becomes more like mugging up the contents of the book. This isn't only very harmful for your child's mental health but will also reflect badly on her report card. If your child is having difficulty in keeping in mind a few important details or facts that she is learning, here are a few ways you can help boost her memory.

Memory boosting games: There are many games that are available both online and offline that are curated in a way to help kids boost their memory. Various types of games involve different questionnaires and tricks that can help the child remember important details.

Memory boosting foods: Nutrition plays the most important role in your child's memory-boosting capabilities. Feed them these 5 fruits to boost your kid's memory. You might also want to follow this expert recommended Exam diet that includes foods to boost your brain power.

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Adequate sleep: No matter how long does your child study if she doesn't sleep enough, everything will go for a waste. A good sleep resets your body and gives the brain some good, quality time to relax. You might want to know that superfood turmeric can boost memory and uplift your mood. So you can give your child some turmeric milk aka haldi ka doodh before sleeping.

Study time: Time of studying also plays a very important role. Based on the most suitable time for your child to study make a flexible routine for your child to follow that also includes some good amount of time to play and freshen up.

Communication: Talk to your child, ask her if is she is okay with the studying pattern and if she isn't taking it as a huge pressure. Nothing is more important than her mental health.

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