Health Tech: Here's how 5G technology is going to transform India's healthcare

AI applications has improved the speed and accuracy of the diagnosis process. @Shutterstock

The Indian healthcare sector is poised for a revolution. The advent of 5G technology is going to transform India's healthcare and make it super-efficient and reliable.

With 5G technology just around the corner, there may soon be a revolution in the healthcare sector. It is true that it will take some time to catch on, but we already see a lot of technology being used in this sector. The advent of 5G will only take it a notch up. This new technology will bring with it faster connection that will make service faster and more reliable. It will lead to a boom in wearable data and remote robotic surgery may soon be a normal procedure. This tech will also make it possible for health care professionals to provide better and more personalized care to patients.

So, very soon in the future, you may not even have to visit a doctor for medical care. It may be available to you at the tap of a finger. All you would need to do is make a short telecall from your 5G enables phone and your doctor will make his recommendations.

Here, let us look at a few things that will become better and faster as a result of this new technology.

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Continuous monitoring via wearables

Today, many hospitals and healthcare service providers are trying to find new ways to collect data from wearables. This will help them to incorporate it into health and treatment plans. Wearables can be used to track heart failure and even sleep apnea. The advent of 5G will just make it all the more easier. It can enable the continuous monitoring of health from many biometric wearable devices all at once. It will make preventive care more effective and efficient.

Remote diagnoses and imaging will get a boost

5G will support virtual reality. This will enable doctors to provide better medical care. It will help in the diagnosis and treatment of critical events like strokes.

Large imaging files will be uploaded quickly

MRIs, CT scans and various other imaging devices send out very large files. These files need a specialist to read them and give a diagnosis. With 5G, these files can be easily uploaded and sent immediately for review. This reduces patient wait-time. 5G will reliably transport these files and your doctor will make a diagnosis and the entire procedure will hardly take any time.

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