Health Minister Nadda to focus on optimal utilisation of health resources

Addressing the issues revolving around National Health Assurance Mission (NHAM), Health Minister J P Nadda said that it's not shortage of funds affecting the utilisation of resources. Increasing financial commitment is not the primary concern of the mission, utilisation of resources optimally, he said in a statement published in The Indian Express.

To ensure that the resources are utilised to their optimum in private healthcare, Nadda said that a manpower audit will be conducted to assess the situation. Wherever there are advanced healthcare equipment, people handling them should be aware about how to use them efficiently. To ensure that the equipment does not lie idle, Rogi Kalyan Samitis will be taking charge of assurance of services, said Nadda. (Read: Nadda for innovation of new low cost drugs)

When questioned about the regulation of private healthcare, the minister replied that response from the National Health Portal is awaited to take the matter forward. He also mentioned that revisions in health budgets in no way will affect flagship programmes. The ministry will take care of the budget that that is not used so that no projects or programmes for equipment, medicine and infrastructure are not affected. (Read: JP Nadda launches tablet-based monitoring system of health records in Chhattisgarh)

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According to the ministry's concept note, NHAM is visualised as a partly insurance-based scheme. The finance is drawn from Central Government Health Scheme, Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana and Andhra Pradesh government s Arogyashri scheme. The expenses are divided in five major components of healthcare -- preventive and promotive health, free medications and diagnostics, government hospitalisations and referral to private hospitals and tertiary care providers.

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