Health department intensifies campaign against Dengue

Dengue may be taking its toll on citizens, but the health department refuses to stand down. They have intensified their awareness campaign on dengue fever and mosquito control measures. Recently the health department organised a rally in the town of Erode, Chennai. Participants were from paramedical colleges and its employees. Collector V.K. Shanmugam flagged off the rally. A campaign vehicle was also inaugurated.

Not allowing the rest of the city to be left out, the department plans to organize similar campaigns throughout. Handbills explaining the symptoms of dengue fever, prevention measures and mosquito control measures will be distributed in the near future. The department has also constituted a team of cleaners who will help remove stagnant water storage containers, garbage, broken plastic bottles, discarded tyres etc, and carry out fogging activities. The health department assured that a total of 55 special medical teams had been formed to treat fever cases and for disease monitoring. These activities are in response to the districts reports on increasing rates of dengue. In the past two weeks, the district has recorded over ten dengue positive cases.

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