Got a bad hangover? Blame your genes

HangoverHad a bad hangover after drinking at a late night party? Your genes are at fault.

In this new study, researchers found that sensitivity and resistance to hangovers is partly determined by genes. So, it's quite likely that you may get bad hangovers after a night of drinking while friends don't.

When scientists looked for the association between genetic makeup of study participants and the number of hangovers reported in the past year, they found that genetic factors accounted for 45 per cent of the difference in hangover frequency in women and 40 per cent in men.

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To make it simple, genetics accounts for nearly half of the reason why one person experiences a hangover and another person doesn't, after drinking the same amount of alcohol, the study said. The other half probably comes from outside influences unrelated to DNA, such as how quickly a person drinks, whether they eat while they drink and their tolerance for alcohol. The researchers also found that the people who had the gene variants involved in an increased risk of having hangover.

Here are some practical tips to prevent hangover:

Before drinking

If there is heavy night ahead of you and you're not planning to have a meal, at least have a low Glycemic Index (GI) snack such as a bowl of cereal with a banana, a couple of oatcakes with hummus or peanut butter on wholemeal toast before you go out.

While drinking

The first thing you should keep in mind is that alcohol dehydrates you and that means you should drink copious amounts of water with your booze. Another tip you should keep in mind is how you drink. Don't gulp down your booze and don't get sucked into countless bottoms-ups. Never mix drinks and keep having some light snacks to soak up the booze. Have some class and nurse your drink. Also keep in mind the amount you consume, under no circumstances should you drink more than 4 units* (3 units for women). Remember that you're drinking to celebrate, not to get wasted or stone drunk. We Indians despite not being habitual drinkers have the tendency to binge-drink.

The day after

There's that possibility that you didn't follow the aforementioned instructions and will feel like something the cat dragged in the next morning. The only way to get over a hangover is to re-hydrate your body. The most popular remedy by far is fluids like water, they're necessary to rehydrate you. You could also try some other liquids like juice, sports drinks or lime juice which along with water will help replenish some of the lost nutrients. (Read: Hangover remedies)

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