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Google pays tribute to Dr Virginia Apgar

The inventor of Apgar Score that determines newborn baby's health honored by Google.

Written by Editorial Team |Published : June 7, 2018 1:05 PM IST

On Thursday, Google honoured Dr Virginia Apgar an American anaesthesiologist by celebrating the 109th birth anniversary of Apgar who is credited for creating the 'Apgar Score' that determines the health of a newborn baby. Her creation has certainly played a specific role.

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Born on June 7, 1909, Virginia Apgar spent her early life in New Jersey, USA in a family devoted to music. She developed an interest in medical and science owing to several medical conditions in her family. In 1949, a residency surgery was completed by her and she was the first woman to become a professor at the prestigious Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S).

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She published over 60 scientific articles and gave lectures across the US.

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"Is My Baby All Right?" which explained the causes and treatment of a variety of common birth defects was co-authored by her in 1972.

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