Good News! A long-lasting cure for sensitive teeth, soon

Washington, Jan 8: Good news for people with sensitive teeth. Scientists working on a long term treatment to relieve from the jolt of pain people get while eating something too hot or cold. Chun-Pin Lin and colleagues note that tooth sensitivity is one of the most common complaints among dental patients. Not only does it cause sharp pains, but it can also lead to more serious dental problems. The condition occurs when a tooth's enamel degrades, exposing tiny, porous tubes and allowing underlying nerves to become more vulnerable to hot and cold. (Read: Beat a toothache with guava leaves)

Current treatments, including special toothpastes, work by blocking the openings of the tubes. But the seal they create is superficial and doesn't stand up to the wear-and-tear of daily brushing and chewing. The researchers have now made a novel paste based on the elements found in teeth, namely calcium and phosphorus. (Read: Spicy remedies to oral problems like toothache, bad breath, yellow teeth)

They applied the mixture to dogs' teeth and found that it plugged exposed tubes more deeply than other treatments. This depth could be the key, the researchers conclude, to repairing damaged enamel and providing longer-lasting relief from tooth sensitivity. The research is published in the journal ACS Nano. (Read: 9 reasons you should eat calcium rich foods)

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