'Good fat' discovered, could help do away with obesity

Good fatNow scientists have found 'good fat' to help fight obesity. A new study has enlisted a pioneering new tool which uses thermal imaging to spot brown fat - the body's good fat - to fight obesity. Brown fat plays a vital role in quickly burning away the calories and produces 300 times more heat than any other tissue in the body. It means that the more of it we have, the less likely we are to store excess energy or food as harmful fat.

Michael Symonds said: "This completely non-invasive technique could play a crucial role in our fight against obesity," Potentially, by adding a thermogenic index to food labels to show whether it would speed up or slow down the amount of calories we burn. It was discovered that since babies have a larger amount of brown fat which they use up to keep warm soon after birth making our study's finding that this healthy fat can also generate heat in childhood and adolescence very exciting.

Source: IANS

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