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Playing this game will help you live longer

Playing golf regularly is associated with longevity and reducing the risk factors for heart disease or stroke © Shutterstock

A new study has claimed that playing golf regularly may increase longevity and reduce the risk of developing heart disease or stroke.

Written by Sudhakar Jha |Published : September 25, 2018 5:24 PM IST

A few weeks ago, we had talked about how playing tennis gives your life expectancy a boost, and now a new study has come that talks about the benefits of golf in reducing the risk of heart diseases and strokes, and in turn increasing longevity.

A review, published in British Journal of Sports Medicine collected data from 342 different studies and discussions between 25 experts in public health and health policy, and industry leaders to come to conclusion.

After the study, the team from the University of Edinburgh, UK showed that playing golf regularly is associated with longevity and reducing the risk factors for heart disease or stroke. And the game also has benefits for elders as it strengthens their strength and balance.

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The researchers added that the sport is also associated with good mental health and improving the overall health of those with disabilities. When compared with other sports, the team found that there are moderate risks of injury as it is an outdoor game, golfers may be more at risk of skin cancer.

The game has always been considered as an expensive sport, which is also difficult to learn. "It needs to be more inclusive and welcoming of people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, and any such initiatives should be supported," researchers said in the statement.

"More people might be keen to take it up if golf were promoted as an enjoyable, lifelong outdoors activity that affords a sense of community and competitive challenge while providing some 'me time' as well as helping to fulfil recommended exercise quotas," they said in the paper.

"The sport can do its bit for sustainability by practices that prioritise diversity, healthy societies, connection with, and care of, the environment, environmental integrity and health and wellbeing," the team concluded.

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