Get fit with Diana Hayden's new book on fitness and grooming!

diana-haydenModel-turned-actress Diana Hayden is set to launch her own book "A Beautiful Truth", which will offer tips for perfect grooming.

"The 250-page book is all about grooming from head to foot. It focuses on every aspect of grooming like hair, skin, makeup, how to get the perfect body shape, what to wear, what not to wear, health diets among others," said Diana, who was here to extend support to Save The Girl Child campaign at the Oman embassy.

"This is something I learned for years. I also did all the research for myself, re-confirmed facts with professional experts," she said.

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The former Miss World worked for two and a half years to complete it.

"It was just day and night without anything else. I gave up all my leisure time, including spending time with friends. When you do something that mammoth you have to give up everything, but it is the most satisfying feeling in the world," said the 38-year-old who was seen in movies like "Tehzeeb" and "Ab Bas".

Asked what encouraged her to turn writer, Diana said: "It is for every women, from 16 years to 60 years. I started off with the idea that I want to share what I have. There is so much on internet, which is so contradictory to each other, I wanted girls to know what is right."

Source: IANS

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