Let Kim Kardashian train you to get a butt like hers!

If you have always wanted a butt like Kim Kardashian, you might just be in luck. According to reports, the reality TV star Kim Kardashian is planning a workout project in the form of a video that focuses on achieving a derriere like hers.

According to a source, in a statement to, 'Kim is hard at work perfecting her latest tech(Technology) project which will be workout and bum-based. She loves working out and keeping fit and is open about it being a struggle. She wants to share her tips as inspiration for others.'

But Kim's app is going to different from others in that it will be cheeky and fun (according to the source). One idea that Kim had was that the subscribers would post pictures of their progress, including pictures of their buttocks, to show how their butt was getting toned.

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Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Well, until the app actually come out, here is a workout regimen you can follow to get a butt like Kim's.

How Kim does it:

Kim Kardashian s workout routine has a lot of compound movement exercises that she performs in quick succession. Apart from that, the reality TV star also uses weights to help increase muscle mass around her butt region, this not only makes them bigger and more shapely but it also helps her buttocks stay firm.

According to fitness expert Ramona Braganza, for the uninitiated, using your own body weight as you do exercises that target the buttocks will help make flatter buttocks more pronounced. Even walking up and down stairs can help. But if you want to go a step further and get that sexy butt, here is what Kim Kardashian does.

Her regimen:

A regular with her workouts, Kim focuses on the gluteus muscles in all her workout regimes. Here are exercises that you can do for a rounder, toned and sexy butt.

Hip abduction: This exercise is great for a toned butt. While it might look very simple, the workout is perfect to melt the fat off your outer and inner thighs while toning your buttocks.


  • Lie on your side and support your head with your hand.
  • Now while placing the palm of your hand flat on the floor, lift your leg such that it is parallel to the floor.
  • Clench and tighten the muscles of your buttocks as you raise your leg and loosen them as you bring your leg back.
  • Remember to hold the position for a few seconds before you bring your leg back down.

Bulgarian split lunge with weights: This is a variation to the traditional squats where you put one leg up on a bench and use your other leg to do the squats. What makes this workout even more intense is the fact that you will be holding weights to further intensifying the lunge. Here s how you do the exercise.


  • Stand with both your feet together as you hold weights in your hands. Your hands should be straight and run along the length of your body.
  • Now extend one leg backwards and place it on a bench or chair behind you. Now use your other leg to do squats.
  • Make sure you hold each squat position for a few seconds to intensify the exercise.

Squats: While you can do the normal squats to target your thighs and buttocks, Kim Kardashian swears by the wide squat technique to enhance her butt. The wide squats helps target the muscles in the butt more than the hamstrings, making it perfect for a toned, well rounded and sexy butt.


  • To do this squat all you have to do is maintain a wide stance with your toes pointed outwards as you squat.
  • Another variation to this exercise is to hold a weight as you squat.

Side jumps:According to celeb trainer Ramona Braganza, side jumps are perfect to tone your buttocks. Not only do they help tone your muscles but it is the perfect free-weight exercise that will help you build muscle. Kim Kardashian swears by this exercise with a slight modification. Here s how she does it.


  • Instead of simply jumping onto the stepper, Kim prefers to perform a half squat and then jump back down.
  • Apart from that she also does a form of this exercise where she uses one leg to jump, further intensifying its effect on her buttocks.

Deadlift:This is another exercise that is perfect for that sexy butt. According to our expert Ramona Braganza, this exercise is ideal to burn off fat from the sides of your hips and targets your hamstrings and the back of your thighs that will help tighten and shape your buttocks and prevent it from sagging. You may also like to read more about how to do the perfect deadlift.

Leg crossover or leg scissor:Leg crossover or leg scissor is a exercise to tone your buttocks and your inner-thighs. Since in this exercise you are moving your leg away from your body, it works out your inner and outer thighs, not to mention your buttocks. Usually done with the help of a machine, this exercise can also be done by just strapping on some ankle weights to intensify the burn. Here s how you can do the exercise.

Butt booster:This exercise is one of Kim Kardashian s favourites and she calls it the tush push . Perfect for the that rounded butt, this exercise can be quite intensive as it requires you to use the muscles of your abdomen, abs, buttocks and thighs to balance yourself as you raise your body.


  • Place your legs on an exercise ball and lift your torso upwards as you clench your buttocks.
  • The Kim Kardashian variation is to do the exercise sans the ball but to raise your body off the floor and clench your thighs together as you rise making it an intense workout for your inner thighs and buttocks.

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