Genetic test could help identify kids at low-IQ risk

Genetic testResearchers claimed to have developed a genetic test that could spot children with impaired thyroid function at risk of developing low IQ. After studying the genetic and IQ data of 3123 children under 7 with a common gene variant, researchers found that those with thyroid hormone levels less than the normal range had a four-fold greater risk of having an IQ less than 85 if they also had reduced thyroid hormone levels, reported. (Read: Are you dealing with a slow learner?)

Lead researcher Peter Taylor, from the University of Cardiff, said that kids with satisfactory thyroid hormone levels, together with the genetic variant, have normal IQ levels, which raises the possibility that children at risk could be treated with standard thyroid hormone tablets to compensate for impaired thyroid hormone processing. (Read: Do you want to boost your child's mental development?)

Source: ANI

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