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From Thailand with love - a condom vending machine!

Written by Admin |Updated : August 30, 2012 11:12 AM IST

CondomsThe Thailand government has donated a condom vending machine to the Nagaland government to ensure that people can easily access condoms at controlled prices, Nagaland Health Minister Kuzholuzo Nienu said. Thailand Public Health Minister Witthaya Buranasiri gifted the vending machine to members of Nagaland's Legislative Forum on AIDS during their recent visit to Bangkok. "The objective of the visit was to meet with the Thai health minister to discuss Thailand's success with condom promotion in Thailand and coordination amongst NGOs, law enforcing agencies to tackle the prevalence of HIV/AIDS," Neinu told IANS.

Neinu said the Thai minister assured of enhanced aid once people of the state learnt to access and utilise the machine. He also suggested facilitating the treatment of patients from Nagaland in Thailand, which would be cheaper than travelling to New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Neinu said the Naga delegation explored exchange of knowledge and skills between the doctors of Thailand and Nagaland.

According to the report of AIDS case surveillance, from 1994 till June 2011, 3,933 AIDS case were reported. Of these, 2,141 were men and 1,792 women. There were 552 AIDS related deaths - 280 men, 220 women and 52 children. HIV prevalence rate in Nagaland has come down to 0.78 percent since December 2010, from 1.27 percent till October 2010.

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Source: IANS

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