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Forensic report shows chemical poisoning in Rameez's death

Written by Editorial Team |Published : October 11, 2012 12:52 PM IST

The forensic report has shown that aluminium phosphide was present in the body of Rameez Chougule, who died of alleged pesticide poisoning along with his sister, Rehab at their Versova residence. Establishing unnatural death, the experts said that it remains to be seen if Rameez had inhaled it accidentally after the pest control or if some foul-play was involved.

On July 3, within hours of his bedroom being fumigated for bedbugs, Rameez passed away. His sister Rehab died at a hospital next day. Similar traces of poison had been found in Rehab's stomach wash.

The viscera, skin and hair samples of Rameez were sent to the Kalina Forensic Laboratory for testing.

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'We have detected aluminium phosphide in his stomach, spleen and liver. There is a good possibility that the chemical was ingested. Now, it is for the police to interpret the findings,' an official from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) at Kalina said.

However, officials are clueless about how the chemical got into the stomach, as the police did not send food samples for forensic tests.

'The police slipped up in not collecting samples of the food the siblings ate that night. This may render the findings less relevant. Still, the quantity of poison in Rameez's stomach can show whether it was consumed intentionally or unintentionally,' said another expert.

'The amount of the poisonous substance was more in Rameez's body as he died within hours. Very little of the chemical was found in stomach wash of his sister Rehab, who died a day later. If the quantity had been more, it would indiacte that the poison had been orally consumed,' said a police officer.

Rameez's parents, Gayasuddin and Farzana Chougle had left for Muscat a day after his body was exhumed on September 17.

'We do not suspect their roles. Our line of investigation does not need to change even now. We do not require the parents' presence even if it turns out that both children committed suicide. This cannot be a case of homicide,' said a senior officer. 'I have met the parents. They were grieving,' he added.

'We have received the report and are studying it. Appropriate legal action will be taken based on the FSL's findings,' said zonal deputy commissioner of police, Pratap Dighavkar.

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