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First Dengue Vaccine In India: Phase-1 Clinical Trial Gets Approval

India Is Manufacturing Its First Dengue Vaccine

India gets approval to manufacture its first dengue vaccine which will significantly reduce the spread of this disease.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : September 14, 2022 11:22 PM IST

The Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL), a leading vaccine manufacturer in the country, has got permission for Phase-1 trial of dengue vaccine. This vaccine is being developed in collaboration with the US-based National Institute of Health. According to the data presented by the National Center for Vector Borne Diseases Control, cases of dengue has reached 30,627 this year till the August 12. Experts also say that the rate of cases are also increasing each year.

As of September 4th, Delhi reported a total of 240 cases this year as reported by the civic body report. The city also recorded cases in the month of August. Other states like Mumbai have also been grappling with constant surge in dengue cases. Cases are spreading even rapidly because of heavy rain, bad drainage and waterlogged and unhygienic areas. Experts say that use of this vaccine will reduce incidence of dengue, burden of hospitalization and prevent deaths. This permission is a milestone for the country since there is no dengue vaccine yet.

All About The Dengue Vaccine

The dengue vaccine was already made available in the United States for a few years now. Experts are yet to discover how this vaccine will counter the four variants of the dengue virus which constantly keep mutating in India.

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India had officially entered the global market to manufacture the dengue vaccine with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in April. According to official records, there are two more probable dengue vaccines which are also being developed by Panacea Biotec Limited and Sanofi India Private Limited. The approval for clinical trials have been received by both of these vaccines. Firms like Panacea and Serum got the candidate and recently completed phase 1 and 2 trials, with ICMR now partnering with both for phase 3 trials. Sanofi India Private Limited's vaccine has already been approved in the US; it has started conducting trials in India.

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