FIFA World Cup 2018: Health advisory for football fanatics!

This FIFA World Cup 2018, an expert lays down a few dos and don'ts for football lovers watching football matches on TV.

FIFA World Cup 2018 ha started and we saw how the Russia football team thrashed the Saudi Arabia football team last night! football fans have already come out in support of their favourite teams and are expecting that their favourite teams and players put up a phenomenal show! The FIFA World Cup is like a carnival for the football fans as they come together with their family and friends and cheer their favourite team and player by supporting them. But, do you know that the game which is close to your heart can wreck your heart healthy. It can also affect your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Ankita Ghag, Clinical nutritionist, Vacchan Aarogya and InBody, gives you health and diet tips while you watch your favourite game.

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Everyone soccer fan wishes that the team which he supports wins the World Cup and the player he backs outshines in the tournament. Often, in that process, the fans tend to go overboard. The thrill, the excitement, the nervousness and the anxiety can affect one's health. "For eg: One will get disappointed if their favourite team loses or doesn't qualify. In that process, if the person has a high blood pressure then his/her BP can shoot up. If a heart patient takes that excess stress, then emotions like stress, anxiety, and anger can cause a heart attack. One can suffer from a heart stroke as well. If anyone suffers from any health issues they should keep their medicines handy," explains Ankita Ghag.

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She adds, "While watching the game, one can suffer from muscle cramps for sitting in the same position for a longer time. One can also get dehydrated. Since it is monsoon avoid eating outside foodstuff while you watch the match. It can cause food poisoning, acidity, diarrhoea, stomach pain, vomiting and so on. While watching the match, if you have spectacles make sure you wear them as it can strain your eyes. Also, diabetics should take an extra care if they are going to watch the match at the stadium or at home. Wear appropriate footwear, avoid going on the slippery floors, and carry medicines. Often, we witness fans arguing over their favourite teams and players, so take things sportingly and avoid picking up fights."

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Ankita Ghag lists out the foods one should eat and delete:

Eat: Popcorn, roasted chaana, dry fruits, fresh whole fruits, coconut and lemon water, chaas, enerzal, boiled sprout chaat, khakra chaat and whole wheat wraps -- paneer and chicken. Consume a lot of water.

Avoid: Spicy, oily and junk food and don't overeat.

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