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Fever: Try these simple Ayurvedic home remedies

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These 3 potent ingredients from your kitchen can have amazing effects on your body. According to Ayurveda, they help treat fever very efficiently.

Written by Upneet Pansare |Updated : September 13, 2018 1:53 PM IST

Fever, a term used to describe increased body temperature, can change according to several factors like the food we consume, our sleeping pattern and the physical activity we perform. Our body temperature increases above the normal range of 36 C - 37 C (98 - 100 F) when the immune system of the body encounters a foreign body or organism. Hence it is understood that fever indicates that your immune system is fighting to eliminate the disease-causing bacteria or virus from the body. Dr Partap Chauhan, director, Jiva Ayurveda suggests these simple home remedies to combat fever and bring down your temperature. The best part is that these ingredients are easily available in your kitchen. These are safe and without any side effects.

Crushed garlic: It is one of the widely used remedy for fever, cough and cold. Garlic has antibacterial properties and hence it has great healing power for fever, cough and cold. You can take 4-6 crushed garlic cloves and consume it directly. If you are not very comfortable with the strong flavour and smell then you can also take it with curd. Just gulp it down and see the difference it makes in a few hours.

Ginger: In Ayurveda, ginger has been used for centuries to cure various ailments. It can easily fight infections, bacteria and any inflammation in your body. If you are prone to infections easily, then you should consume ginger tea often. You can make lemon tea and add a few slices of ginger in it. Try to substitute sugar with honey to make the tea healthier. Honey, too, has immunity-building properties.

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Cinnamon: This aromatic spice can give you great relief in throat infection, cough and cold. It is an antibiotic which has the capacity to prevent any flu. You can consume it in your tea or put it in some food in the form of powder.

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